Calgary’s Chaordix Joins Global Humanitarian Effort ‘Saving Lives at Birth’

Calgary-born Chaordix, a crowdsourced market intelligence startup, has announced their participation in a crowdsourced international development program that aims to help save maternal and neonatal lives in the poor regions of earth.

In partnership with DAI, a global consulting firm, Chaordix has brought their Crowd Intelligence platform to the program, which is called Saving Lives at Birth.

“As a mother and business leader, I am honoured that our team and I can support our partners in finding practical solutions to save the lives of so many newborn babies and their moms in developing countries,” Shelley Kuipers, Chaordix founder and CEO, said. “When we can help make ground-breaking programs like this come to life, I truly marvel at how far both crowdsourcing and our company have advanced.”

This is a shining example of a Canadian tech startup not just making money, but helping to make the world a better place.