Calgary’s Hubblr Shares Their Experience at 48 Hours in the Valley

Targeted at businesses, Calgary-based startup Hubblr is the first global social media management platform, providing one centralized system to monitor all social media channels and interact with followers, simplifying identity management across a multitude of social networks like Sina Weibo, RenRen, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to name a few. Multinationals find Hubblr particularly useful for handling marketing, recruitment and customer service outside of North America.

Hubblr was recently selected out of 200 companies to participate in 48 hours in the Valley, an event organized by the C100.

Needless to say, they took full advantage of the 48 hours, spending time with some great entrepreneurs like Jeff Mallett, principal owner of the San Francisco Giants and former COO Yahoo, Jonathan Ehrlich, former head of Marketing at Facebook, as well as serial entrepreneur, mentor and angel investor Dan Martell.

The key takeaway for Hubblr was learning that you don’t have to relocate to the Valley to take advantage of the connections there. It’s actually advantageous to be located in Canada as we have subsidized healthcare costs, several government grants, and it’s easier to retain talent, which is all very attractive to investors in the Valley.

“People in the Valley really do want to help as they have a pay it forward mentality,” said Cameron Prockiw, Founder of Hubblr. “When someone there asks how they can help you, they mean it. We need to develop a stronger entrepreneur community here in Canada where successful entrepreneurs help up and coming companies. It’s great that the C100 has formed to fulfill this need.”

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