Calgary’s Place2Give Releases API to Integrate with Canadian Charities

Calgary-based social enterprise startup Place2Give has announced the release of their GIVE-API.

The GIVE-API provides access to information on 1.5 million North American charities that Place2Give has gathered data on, as well as access to the Place2Give Foundation’s payment gateway for processing donations.

The organization says its API will allow developers, companies, and organizations to integrate the data that Place2Give has on North America’s charity sector into their own apps, websites, and platforms.

“Our clients use the Place2Give GIVE-API to build-out unique charity products for a variety of their stakeholders.  Examples of this include personalized giving pages for employees, special occasions or in memoriam tribute pages. Also charities themselves use GIVE for their own special campaigns,” says Gena Rotstein, Place2Give’s CEO.

“We can also create customized APIs for organizations and companies that need tailored solutions. A few examples include the ability to use our charity sector data for online banking, ATM, and POS donation processing,” added Rotstein.

Developers can select from several method calls on the GIVE-API to suit their needs, including the ability to search charities, get financial details, and get charity salaries