Calgary’s Pure Technologies to provide monitoring for Latin American pipelines

It’s been a busy — and prosperous — week for Calgary’s Pure Technologies Ltd.

The Albertan company, which specializes in the inspection, monitoring and management of infrastructure like pipelines and bridges, closed two separate deals recently to provide monitoring services in Mexico and Ecuador.

The two projects are both massive drinking water pipelines. In Mexico, the pipeline is a 25 kilometre project that provides water for five million residents in Mexico City, accounting for 30 per cent of the population; the Ecuadorian project is a 23 kilometre pipeline supplying water for all of the 2.5 million residents of Guayaquil.

Pure’s role in this project is to provide monitoring equipment and services for the two pipelines. An acoustic fibre optic network and Pure’s SmartBall leak detection technology will be the two major technologies used to ensure the durability of these pipelines. The two deals are worth a combined US$4.4 million.

 “With increasing populations and aging critical infrastructure, the need for effective pipeline leak detection, condition assessment and monitoring programs is critical to the region,” said Muthu Chandrasekaran, Director of Business Development for South America. “Pure is well-positioned to provide these services.”

For more information about Pure and these projects, visit their homepage here.