Calgary’s Tagle adds Google App to Oil and Gas offerings

In June Calgary startup Tagle launched their commercial release of the latest Tagle oil and gas offering – the Tagle Roughneck Module.

The oil and gas offering aims to effortlessly manage inspection reports, drawings, safety procedures, checklists and all of that other oil and gas stuff you need to get the job done.

Not in the oil and gas industry? Don’t worry, you can still use Tagle.

Yesterday Tagle for Google Apps was listed in the Google Apps Marketplace. This Tagle module indexes your Gmail account and groups information intelligently so you can easily view correspondence and attachments by contact or domain.

The goal is to create more of a “people” and “company” centric view of your Google account and automate the tedious nature of traditional CRM.

Tagle for Google Apps is the first beta version and the company will use customer feedback as a driver for product evolution.