Calgary’s re-launch redefines charitable gift giving

Uend Logo

The next time you think to yourself “What gift / card do I buy for that person?” why don’t you try “Ending Poverty”?

That’s exactly the thinking that put into the relaunch of it’s platform, announced at it’s inaugral event last night in Calgary. Originally founded in 2006, and with more than a half a million dollars in donations already, UEnd: Poverty is all about empowering the everyday person to participate in ending poverty. The main order of business is to provide a portal to trustworthy, grassroots, credible delivery organizations that fight poverty by building skills for those wanting to change their futures sustainably. This portal allows people to buy gifts that change the world. In fact that is their main message – “Together, we can change the world if you/we all gift different.”

As they say on their website:

If we were all to redirect a mere 5% of the billions of dollars that we already spend each year on gifts, there would be enough to eliminate extreme poverty in about 15 years.”

The UEnd Foundation has put a massive effort into it’s new website, and launched it last night in Calgary to high praise. The last five years of interacting with the public has lead to the creation of a brand new, social media integrated web showpiece that promises to change the face of online charitable giving.

Jay Baydala, Founder and Executive Director of UEnd calls it “web 3.0 of charitable giving.” With a re-defined dashboard that shows the direct impact the giver has on world change, social media options, features like U:Direct and U:Powered and 100% of the charitable gifts going to the intended purpose, the new is off to a strong start.

Did I say “100% of the charitable gifts?” I sure did. And, that’s reason enough to get excited about UEnd. In the traditional world of charities, much of a person’s donation goes to overhead and managing the charity, with a small % reaching the recipients; this fact is hidden from the donors, and really only available if you have access to the financial statements of the non-profit organizations. The thing I like about UEnd is that they are transparent about this; they don’t take any money from the donations. Instead, they rely on the concept of U:Powered that enables people to give $5 per month to fund operations.

“Web 3.0 of charitable giving.”

Jay sums it up pretty well, “I believe people want to make the world a better place, it’s just a matter of removing the barriers to acting on that desire. That’s UEnd:Poverty – our attempt at removing the barriers between peoples’ desire to make the world a better place and the actions aligned with it.”

Makes perfect sense. I’m going to a birthday party for a friend this weekend; instead of giving Hallmark $5 for a card that will be tossed into a landfill the next day, I’m going to try out UEnd and “Gift Different.”  

Congrats to UEnd for their launch and their vision!