Calgoo Drops Freemium for Free

Vancouver calendar syncing and sharing company Calgoo has decided to release all of its products for free. A free version of Calgoo’s software has always been available however their freemium model had them charging $30 a year for fully featured pro accounts. Here’s the official announcement:

All Calgoo Software products, Calendar, Connect, and Hub are now free. Existing paid subscribers will still receive full email support in addition to the forum support all users have access to, for the duration of their license. Each Calgoo product has its own revamped section on These sections provide our users with more concise information on the products as well as a more organized workflow.

Calgoo is a calendaring tool that allows you to sync calendars across platforms, including iCal, Google Calendar, and Outlook. Over hte last two years, Calgoo has developed into a mature calendar sharing solution with three separate products: Calgoo Calendar, Calgoo Connect, and Calgoo Hub. Not sure where this leaves Calgoo – they’ve gone from obviously having not enough paying users to having none.