Calgoo Suggest You Market to the Calendar

A most scarce resource nowadays is people’s attention. Web advertising is tough, click-throughs are low. Email marketing is tough, people worry about spam. Vancouver’s Calgoo thinks that the next frontier of marketing is the calendar. Their In-Calendar Marketing platform provides a way to permissively connect with customers in a context where they are far more likely to get the message.

It is compatible across most popular desktop and web calendars: Outlook, iCal, Google, Windows Live, and more, which can then sync to most any smartphone. Calgoo ensures that events display consistently across platforms. Their system records metrics for campaigns including engagement, click-throughs, and revenue.

Calgoo’s technology has also manifested itself in a few free services they offer: BidCal, tracking eBay auctions in your calendar; Calgoo Hub, which shares calendars between different platforms; Calgoo Connect, synchronizes web and desktop calendars, and Calgoo Calendar, a desktop frontend to popular web calendars.