Calian wins contract to build space antenna

Ottawa-based Calian has won a contract with the European Space Agency to build a 35-metre deep space antenna in South America.

The contract, worth about $39 million Canadian, will have Calian’s Systems Engineering Division building one the largest deep-space communications antennas in the world.

This will be the third antenna Calian has built for the European Space Agency after building two others in Western Australia and Spain. 

“We are extremely pleased to have been selected by ESA to provide the third antenna system destined for South America,” said Ray Basler, President and CEO of Calian in a press release. “I believe this success is a direct result of our performance on the previous deep space antennas and our emphasis on working closely with our customers and our subcontractors to successfully implement large custom developments.”

The antenna will be used by the ESA to communicate with satellites in support of on-going missions like Mars Express and Venus Express.