Calliflower gets Skype access

Users of iotum’s online conference call portal Calliflower can now access the service directly through their Skype account. 

The Ottawa-based company announced an open beta last week allowing Skype users to dial into Calliflower using a Skype contact, CalliflowerSkype, without having to use Skype-out minutes. 

This addition gives the Calliflower service a truly international reach, eliminating long-distance charges for anyone outside North America. 

Skype access will also improve sound quality on conference calls as iotum CEO Alec Saunders notes, most Skype users have headsets with much better microphones than would be found in a standard telephone. 

Finally, Saunders wrote in his personal blog that this “a precursor of things we hope to do with Skype technologies in the future.” 

Calliflower is a web app for conference calls that adds a social networking-like interface to the conference call experience.