Calling All Stat Geeks

If you’re anything like me, you can appreciate a nicely quantifiable factoid.  And in this age of instant response, we have a project that provides stats on (almost) anything at your beck and call. Want to know the size of an average human blood cell? (8 micrometers)  Or, want to know how much Wal-mart made last quarter? (94.5 billion) Well the folks at statugle, are trying to provide just that type of data. was funded in May of 2009 in Chicago, IL. The goal of the website is to categorize and organize every statistic available into an easily searchable database. This could be anything from the average attendance of a NBA game, to the number of salaried teachers in the Chicago Public School system.

This is a member driven site and is just starting out.  The statistic presented is backed up with a summary and reference to the source.  And, you get to vote on each statistic.  A neat site for stats geeks.  Tell us what you think or send references to other sites that provide the same service.