Cambrian House gets the axe

So much for the wisdom of crowds. Techcrunch (and Mark Evans) are reporting that Calgary crowdsourcing up-start Cambrian House is headed for the deadpool. Apparently VC Spencer Trask passed on making an investment in Cambrian but instead has picked up their assets cheap – fire sale cheap. Techcrunch’s Erick Schonfeld reported today that Cambrian House’s IP, assets and website will be sold to Spencer Trask for far less than the $7.75 million that investors pumped into the company. Spencer Trask plans on taking the assets and rolling them into VenCorps, a Cambrian House project that was exhibiting as the Canadian Innovation Exchange in Toronto two weeks ago. Vencorps community builder Will Pate was holding down the booth and did a great job demoing how they’re going to apply the crowdsourcing concept to venture capital.