Cambrian House Makes Good on Greedy or Needy

Calgary’s Cambrian House and Vancouver’s MakeGood Technologies announced today that MakeGood will license the Cambrian House’s Chaordix crowdsourcing platform and acquire Cambrian House’s GreedyorNeedy peer-to-peer charity community.

Cambrian House will receive a combination of cash and MakeGood equity as proceeds for this transaction. MakeGood is a Vancouver-based firm specializing in applying crowdsourcing to charity, dubbed Giving 2.0. The agreement with MakeGood is a natural next step in Cambrian House’s Chaordix strategy. The Chaordix platform allows organizations to use crowdsourcing as a critical business process and was a natural fit for underpinning the MakeGood offering.

MakeGood’s CEO is Richard Goossen, the author of E-PRENEUR: From Wall Street to Wiki: Succeeding as a Crowdpreneur in the New Virtual Marketplace. As part of this transaction, Shelley Kuipers, President of Cambrian House and Michael Sikorsky, Chief Executive Officer of Cambrian House, have agreed to join MakeGood as advisors, collaborating as thought leaders in crowdsourcing to assist MakeGood in its business and community strategies.