Can Flickr Catch Up To 500px?

This week there has been plenty of buzz online about a promised, and much needed, Flickr re-design. According to Flickr senior product manager Markus Spiering, the makeover will go live on February 28.

Gone will be the aging interface of thumbnails surrounded by white space and tags and in their place will be a jigsaw of photos featuring images four times larger than they were before. The upload page will also be revamped to include a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Despite the threat from new challengers like Toronto’s 500px, Flickr still holds the number one position when it comes to photo-sharing sites. With 3.5 million daily uploads Flickr is second only to Facebook.

But is next week’s makeover too late? Serious photographers and DSLR-armed amateurs have been fleeing Flickr for sites like 500px for the last couple years.

While we’ve reported that 500px is on fire with 6 million visits and 50 million pageviews in September 2011, they still need a lot uploads to catch Flickr. According to, Flickr is the 47th most popular site in the world and 500px just broke the top 2,000.