Can Our World Become Over-Connected?

The benefits of the internet and being connected to others across the world are tremendous. But as technology advances at an exponential rate, are we at risk of going too far?

A recent study attempted to shed light on whether the future of an always-online world is good or bad. But it couldn’t—the 1,000 technology experts, insiders, and critics were completely polarized by the question. 

Conducted by Elon University in North Carolina, respondents were asked to reply in a black and white manner: will a hyper-connected world lead to a positive or a negative future? About half said positive, and half said negative.

There are issues such as memory loss that have been proven, but it’s not that we’re getting dumber—we’re simply remembering in different ways. Instead of remembering the exact birth date of a celebrity, for example, we’ll simply remember an array of methods by which to attain this information; Google, Wikipedia, etc. And we as a race have already engaged in one such change before, when text was invented. Meanwhile, some question a potential over-reliance on technology, but as it becomes more ubiquitous and accessible, is it really any different than relying on fire for warmth so many years ago?

It’s cliché to say, but only time will tell what our future holds.