Can Seattle Startup Raveable Be the New Rage for Travellers

Techflash just featured a post about a new Seattle-based upstart called that plans to revolutionize the online travel industry.  Exclusively for hotel bookings, the site uses “semantic analysis” of hotel reviews posted online to other sites by millions of people who have experienced the hotels.

The website is the first to automatically categorize and recommend hotels based on the summarized collective wisdom of millions of travelers. The site provides recommendations for over 33 thousand U.S. hotels, resorts and bed and breakfasts. An innovative.

Founded by former Microsofites Philip Vaughn and Rafik Robeal, Raveable claims to be the “Cliff-notes version for hotel reviews.” According to the press release,

..using patent-pending technology, Raveable surfaces opinions buried inside of reviews. Opinions are categorized based on the traits that travelers rant and rave about the most. At a glance, a user can see that a hotel has an unfriendly and unhelpful concierge, but a good location, and spacious room with a great view.

Raveable does not filter or allow travellers to write reviews and plans to generate revenue when a user books a room at one of its travel partners. Techflash says,

…big online travel search sites such as Kayak or as competition, saying Raveable is more similar to product review sites such as Buzzillions, Pluribo and Retrevo. None of those sites have a focus on travel or hotels, which could create an opening for the startup.