Can You Even Imagine Shopping Without Your Smartphone Now?

The smartphone has become the ultimate shopping companion.

37% of consumers now compare prices on mobile devices while shopping at brick and mortar stores, according to That’s up significantly from 27% in 2011.

And when not comparison shopping on their mobile device, consumers are simply shopping. 14% plan to buy stuff straight from their smartphones this season, up from 10% last year.

And according to a separate report from Ayden, tablets are also gaining ground. Thanks to larger screens, they’re the ideal m-commerce tool: Apple’s iPad is the most commonly used mobile device for payments, ahead of the iPhone and Android smartphones.

Indeed, the iPad now accounts for 3.6% of all web-based payments. The iPhone accounts for 3%, while Android’s dozens of handsets combine for 1.5%. Ayden also found that users of the iPad spend 20% more per purchase than owners of other mobile devices.