Canada 3.0 Forum enhanced by online collaboration

The Canada 3.0 Forum – which seeks to help make digital media an integral part of our country’s economic plan – is being held next week in Stratford, Ontario, from May 10 to 11.

What’s special about this event, aside from its highly salient topical content, is its state-of-the-art, online collaboration features. With the help of IGLOO Software, the Canada 3.0 Forum will boast online collaboration and social networking technology to conference participants, enabling them to connect, communicate and collaborate before, during and after the conference on the event’s official webpage. Open Text is also providing mobile software so that forum attendees can access a full suite of information regarding the forum.

There will be dozens of high-profile speakers at the event, from Kevin Newman of Global National, to serial entrepreneur Mark Ruddock, to Christopher Labrador, the Vice President of Advanced Research of RIM.

The event’s website contains a colour-coded, user-friendly program agenda, which divides sessions into five categories: Creating, Learning, Changing, Empowering and Revolutionizing.

Will you be attending?