Canada 3.0 is on! The nation’s premier digital event.

Canada’s premier digital media conference, Canada 3.0 is happening in Stratford, ON as we speak. Check out live streaming of the conference here:

On the lineup today are a number of impressive and informed sessions. They include:

Fiber Optics Networks: Pipelines of our Networked Economy? 

To move to the next phase of audiovisual collaborations, a country as spread out as Canada, MUST have ISPs using fibre-optic broadband connections offering symmetrical connectivity. Asia, Europe and the U.S. have already begun deploying this technology to benefit their economy, while the absence of similar programs in Canada could slow down our growth. What exactly is very high speed optics? Why is it so important? What is the global picture in figures for Canada right now? What should be the next steps?


  • Helene Joncas, Chief Strategy Officer, Canarie
  • Zouheir Mansourati, Ph. D., Vice President, Technology Strategy, TELUS
  • Rod Wilson, Director, Director, External Research, Ciena Communications

Symmetric Network Bandwidth: All Regions can be Equal

When connected on symmetrical high speed networks, any region, urban or rural, can be a leader. The value then resides in the added value of the service or experience offered, not in the numbers of kilometers, between the producers and the users. What kind of new services these networks could trigger? What impacts can they have on cultural, economic and environmental development of our communities? What can happen when Canadians understand that Vancouver and Montreal are less than 100 milliseconds away from each other when linked by next generation networks?


  • Rick Otway, Regional VP for Public Sector, Cisco Laura Bradley, Principal, Actionable Intelligence
  • Dr. Rachel Ellaway, Principal Investigator, Health Services Virtual Organization
  • Rene Barsalo, Director of Research and Strategy, SAT

The Wireless Challenge: The Future of Mobility

The recent explosion of usage and need of smartphones, data services and content have affected the global wireless industry by influencing the next wave of connectivity, behaviour and business. Mobility is a technical and human thread that links and empowers new industries, from healthcare to gaming to financial services. The next wave of mobility is full of challenges for all aspects of the industry: infrastructure support; increasing fragmentation; content licensing; and a need for specialized technical and design talent. What are the major concerns the Canadian industry will face over the next five years? How do we lay the groundwork to enable future innovation?


  • Brady Gilchrist, President and Founder, AdModo
  • Charlotte Burke, Mobile Venture Partners
  • Duncan Stewart, Director, Deloitte Canada Research
  • Wade Oosterman, President Bell Mobility and Chief Brand Officer, Bell Canada

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