Canada a spammer’s paradise

What do Canada, Iran, Nigeria, Kenya and Israel have in common? Give up? They’re all top sources of web-based email spam, according to anti-spam software provider Cloudmark (Michael Geist, Toronto Star).

How is it that Canada, nearing 2009, is the only G7 country without anti-spam legislation (as noted by Geist, one of the true north’s foremost experts on the topic)? It’s not like ID theft from phishing attacks is some brand-new threat that no one could have foreseen. It’s been with us for a while. The first commercial Internet spam got sent by a husband and wife team back in 1994 – by lawyers, ironically (CNet News), but apparently Canadian politicians have had… other priorities.

As with most of the world’s big problems, from environmental degradation to terrorism and tragically thwarted romantic love, the problems associated won’t be solved until ALL nations have signed on to do something about it.

That means whoever is in charge of our country when parliament reconvenes in January, anti-spam legislation ought to be on the agenda.