Canada gets iPad release date and prices

iPadIf you haven’t already cross-boarder shopped yourself one of Apple’s new iPads, you might be interested to know that the company has finally announced the first round of countries getting the device along with the street date, the pre-order date and pricing.  Canada’s one of the nine countries in the first round of the iPad’s international release, which was pushed back due to stronger than expected demand in the United States. 

Today Apple announced that the iPad will be released in Canada on May 28th, with pre-orders starting on Monday May the 10th.

Pad (sic) is available in Canada for a suggested retail price of $549 (CAN) for 16GB, $649 (CAN) for 32GB, $749 (CAN) for 64GB for Wi-Fi models and $679 (CAN) for 16GB, $779 (CAN) for 32GB and $879 (CAN) for 64GB for Wi-Fi + 3G models. iPad will be sold through the Apple Store® (, Apple’s retail stores and select Apple Authorized Resellers.

Demand in the United States has remained high, with Apple having sold more than one million units since it’s April 3rd release date on the south side of the border.

There has been no news on data plans for the Wi-Fi + 3G models, though since in Canada three of the national cellular carriers handle the iPhone it’s possible that data plans will be availble from Bell, Rogers and Telus.  Rogers has already said that they would offer plans for the iPad, while people reading into things have assumed that Telus would be selling the iPad.

Most likely no matter what carrier offers plans for the device, it will not be sold through them just as despite the fact that AT&T sells the iPhone in the US, they do not sell the iPad.  In fact in the US Apple has done as much as possible to eliminate the users’ need from the need to deal directly with AT&T, allowing users to sign up for data plans right from the iPad without having to go into an AT&T store.