Canada’s Inaugural Google Glass Hackathon is in Toronto This Weekend

Most Canadians are still anticipating Google Glass’s official release in their country. They might have to wait a bit longer. But some already have a sleek pair and they are getting together on July 26 to 28 for Canada’s first Google Glass Hackathon.

The Hackathon will be held in Toronto starting at 7pm on Friday, with hopes of having apps ready for demo by Sunday. 

At the moment Google Glass has 11 official apps, which activates the device through My Glass site or Android app. Although there is currently no app store for Google Glass, recent software updates suggest that it will be coming soon.  

There are currently four Explorers aboard for the Hackathon and each has a team of developers and designers gearing to make their app idea come to life. Although four teams may seem small for such a grand event, with only 10 pairs of Google Glass in the country it is still a major affair with potential for a great outcome.

Macy Kuang, independent game developer, an organizing committee member for AndriodTo conference and a contributor for the Google Developer Group, will be leading the event.

“I set up this event because I enjoy the Hackathon culture and we all love to make apps for Google Glass,” Kuang told “During my personal Glass development, I often needed to ask other Glass Developers for help. I think if we bring all of us together, we can make the development process faster and more effective.”

The development community has created a number of Glassware directories for Explorers to find unofficial apps. There are 34 unofficial apps out there for the device, but with approximately 800,000 apps in Google Play for Android, there is bound to be more to come as Glass hits mainstream.

Some app ideas the Explorers have for Toronto Glass Hackathon were fitness, business and tourism. The possibilities for the Glass is limitless and the first Hackathon might just be the initial stage for something quite spectacular.