Canada leads the way in environmentally friendly music delivery

Earlier this month, Yangaroo CEO Cliff Hunt wrote about Making Music Green over at The Huffington Post and how record labels are turning to digital delivery services to get their promo materials and music to radio stations.

Even though most consumers don’t think of CDs when they think of new music thanks to iPods and other digital devices, the music industry still relies heavily on them to promote their artists’ new music. In a process that hasn’t changed much in decades, record labels send out CDs packaged with printed promotional materials to what are hoped to be the right influencers at radio stations. Radio station personnel, bombarded by these packages, end up not having the time to go through them all and many end up in the trash.

Hunt goes on to report that the Canadian music industry leads the world in this area and has virtually eliminated the distribution of wasteful promotional CDs entirely.

In Canada all four multinational major label groups have exclusively switched to digital distribution for all their promotional releases, preventing the manufacture and shipping of millions of ecologically harmful CDs and packaging. The Canadian industry has significantly decreased their environmental impact and saved on expenses at the same time! This win-win situation has been catching on in the US as well; digital promo distribution has increased exponentially during 2008 as the entire industry has begun to follow the lead of the major label groups.

Nice work Canadian music labels and radio stations. Only time will tell if there is room for both Yangaroo and fellow Canadian competitor Destiny Media Technologies in this leading edge space.