Canada Media Fund announces funding for 36 digital projects

The Canada Media Fund (CMF) announced yesterday a breakdown of the 36 projects that the fund will be helping to finance in terms of development, production and marketing.

The CMF is financing these projects through the second round of their Experimental Stream of funding. The total investment in these 36 projects — seven of which are being created in B.C., two in Manitoba, nine in Ontario, 17 in Quebec and one in Nova Scotia — is $11.5 million. Production attracted the lion’s share of the funding at $8.6 million, while $1.9 million went to development and $960,000 went to marketing.

Here are a few highlights from the list of projects that received CMF funding:

  • Herd: this web and mobile app allows users to stream music to others based on location via geo-tagged GPS-enabled files. It promises a “revolutionary user experience that lets artists and labels reconnect with an audience that has the power to virally spread their music.” It is produced by Herd Inc.
  • Unique: a series of “micro-travel guides” online, Unique takes users on a brief but informative trip through the world’s major cities. It includes essential addresses for visitors in the city and really focuses on  multimedia aspects of travel guides. It also has a feature called “My UNIQUE Guide” that gives the user recommendations on what cities they might enjoy visiting. It is produced by Toxa Inc.
  • Jeu de management d’équipe sportive pour réseaux sociaux: This (hopefully) working title for a game by Quebec companies Phéromone and ODD1 for the French-language sports network RDS is an online game that puts the player is the position of a sports team general manager (the specific sport, oddly enough, has not been named). It will tap into RDS’ 250,000-member online community and will feature social networking opportunities through it.
  • Project Contrast: this trippy-sounding game by a numbered company from Quebec “plunges the player into the world of a dying mind where they must journey through vivid memories, long-harboured fears and emotions. In the world of Contrast, shadows act as the mind’s reflections — a canvas upon which memories and thoughts exist within the absence of light. Players discover these secret stories by illuminating the world around them.” It is a product for consoles.

For the complete list of products receiving CMF funding, click here.