Canada New Media Fund Guidelines Now Available

As I told you last month, Telefilm Canada announced changes to this year’s guidelines for those seeking funding for new media projects.  Well, not those change have been announced and the updated guidelines are available online.  I’m sure some of you met with representatives a few weeks ago to discuss potential funding opportunities. If not, here are some details:

The deadline for Product Assistance applications is May 4, 2009. Since this is the final year of the fund, projects supported through the Product Assistance component of the fund must be completed by January 29, 2010.Telefilm has reduced its documentation requirements and eliminated the Expression of Interest (EOI) stage to facilitate the application process. Guidelines can be found here.

The deadline for Sectoral Assistance applications is June 19, 2009. Events and initiatives supported through the Sectoral Assistance component of the fund must be held prior to March 31, 2010. Guidelines can be found here.

Telefilm is not up and running yet, check back on Friiday morning to consult online requirements.