Canada ‘Not Even Playing’ Tech Patents Game, Expert Says

Is Canada losing the tech patents game? One expert says we’re not even playing.

Dan Breznitz, author and co-director of the innovation policy lab at the Munk School of Global Affairs in Toronto, says countries “that do not engage in the game of international technology standards-setting are squandering their own investment in innovation”—and that Canada falls into this category.

“Canadians need to ask their policy makers why we are missing in action when it comes to our own prosperity,” he wrote in The Globe and Mail. “It turns out that standards-setting … decides who wins and loses in the innovation economy, and the rules under which those systems operate.”

Quoth Breznitz

On the other hand, if you lose the technology standards game, all of that private and public investment – remember that for every dollar of private research and development spending, we have to add years and billions of dollars in public funding – will go down the tube. And if you’re not even at the table, like Canada, you end up writing cheques rather than collecting them.

“Canada’s national innovation policy guards need to wake up and smell the jasmine if our country is to remain prosperous,” he writes.