Canada Now Home to 472 Gaming Studios as Industry Continues Growth

There are now 472 videogame studios in Canada, up 143 from 2013.

According to the latest annual “Essential Facts” report from the Entertainment Software Association of Canada, the gaming industry now directly employs more than 20,000 people in Canada, up 24% since 2013, with full-time workers earning an average of $71,000.

35% of the industry’s revenue comes from console games, which is down from 2013. 31% of revenues come from mobile games, which is trending upward. Computer game revenues remain roughly the same.



The vast majority of videogame studios in Canada are small, but the 14 largest—or just the top 3%—employ 96% of the industry’s workers.

With 128 companies employing 5,500 people, BC has the biggest share of the industry, followed by Ontario.

19 million Canadians are gamers, 52% of them male.