Canada’s Carbyn Confirms Acquisition by Synacor for $1.1 Million

We first heard about Carbyn being acquired in late January, when buyer Synacor was filing for its initial public offering. This week, the Canadian startup confirmed the deal we had suspected from the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Synacor is buying Carbyn for $1.1 million. It’s paid $600,000 thus far and will pay the remaining $500,000 in April 2013.

Carbyn had only launched its cloud-based HTML5 platform last September. The London, Ontario-based company was new but had big buzz around it. Buffalo’s Synacor used some of the $34 million it raised from the IPO to acquire Synacor, which it bought for both the technology and the team.

Jaafer Haidar, who co-founded Carbyn in November 2010, has just finished selling an online site called ScrapHD the month before. But like a true entrepreneur, he didn’t waste any time before starting his next venture.

This time, however, he will remain with Carbyn’s team, taking the role of vice-president of mobile for Synacor. Carbyn’s other two co-founders are Ab Fadel (also from ScrapHD) and Jason Miller.