Canada’s delay to get the iPhone a blessing in disguise? Techvibes and CBC collab

Knowlton CBCI have recently covered the iPhone 4’s reception issues and other problems. The fact that Canada gets its iPhone more than a month after America did may be a good thing. If Steve Jobs and co. have any short term plans to fix or at least improve the issue, Canadians may get properly working iPhones at launch time—a convenience the US would no doubt envy. 

This week I was briefly interviewed by the lovely Theresa Lalonde over the iPhone’s problem and what it could mean for Canadians. You can watch the short clip here.

It’s possible that Canada will get iPhones shipped with basic, optional “bumpers” included if the hardware itself isn’t adjusted. Or maybe Steve just wanted to see a rise in phone cases—an absurd, yet legitimate, theory.

Whatever the matter, let’s hope Canada and the States both get what they want: iPhones they can safely grip au naturel!