Canada’s Do Not Call Registry Starts Today

Do Not Call RegistryToday Canada’s Do Not Call Registry comes into effect and is open for registration. 31 days after your number is registered, it will be illegal for telemarketers to solicit your number. You can register your number on their website, however the site seems to be very busy right now and is returning errors. Best wait a day or two for the rush to die down. You can also register by calling 1-866-580-3625, though imaginably that number will be quite busy today as well.

It’s nice to finally see this in Canada, five years after the US Do Not Call Registry started. Telemarketers will face up to a $15,000 fine if they call a number listed in the registry. However, getting on the list won’t end all spam calls, as there are exemptions:

The exemptions include telemarketing calls made by, or on behalf of:

  • Canadian registered charities;
  • Political parties, riding associations and candidates; and
  • Newspapers of general circulation for the purpose of soliciting subscriptions.

Telemarketing calls from organizations with whom you have an existing business relationship are also exempt. You are considered to have an existing business relationship with a telemarketer if you:

  • Purchased, leased, or rented a product or service in the last eighteen (18) months from the telemarketer;
  • You have a written contract with the telemarketer for a service that is still in effect or expired within the last eighteen (18) months; and/or
  • You asked a telemarketer about a product or service within the last six (6) months.

Telemarketers may also call you if you have provided express consent to be called. Express consent includes:

  • Your permission on a written form, electronic form, or an online form; or
  • Your verbal permission.

The National DNCL Rules to not apply to telemarketing calls made to businesses.

Also, market research, surveys, and public opinion polls are not covered by the registry. No more carpet or furance cleaning solicitations, at least. What are the chances we could get a “Wrong Number Registry”, where I could specify that I’m not Steve, Cindy, or Samir?