Canada’s Greatest Start-up City

Heri over at Montreal Tech Watch called out for submissions on Canada’s Greatest Start-up city and Victoria Revay of beat me to the punch. She succinctly sums up what is great about Vancouver’s active technology start-up community and her entire guest post is worth a read.

Entrepreneurs like Andre Charland of Nitobi, Dick Hardt of Sxip Identity, and Thierry Levasseur of Email2 would all agree that another reason Vancouver is a great place to start a tech company is because we have a unique mixture of schools in technology and arts that produce a pool of innovative, creative and educated graduates. Charland says schools like the Vancouver Film School, Emily Carr, BCIT, SFU and UBC all offer technology and engineering programs that “provide a great training ground for people with the skills to build great technologies.” Not only that, but the universities themselves spit out new technologies and this becomes a combination for a win-win scenario.

Kris Krug of Bryght also mentions that there is a real bona fide feeling of community when it comes to the Vancouver Web 2.0 movement, which in his opinion contributes to the ongoing success tech startups enjoy. Krug says open-sourced social events like Democamp, Barcamp and Northern Voice help build the “geek tech identity” and strengthen this voice. He also says the super creative energy of that exact community fosters spaces like Workspace, which is what propels our city as “a pillar in the Web 2.0 movement.”