Canada’s Hottest Online Topics in 2011: the Vancouver Riot, the Royal Wedding, Justin Bieber, and More

AOL has revealed what Canadians searched the most for in 2011.


Canadians searched the most for the Royal Wedding, which saw Will and Mate enter martial bliss. The nation-wide, highly controversial Canada Post Strike ranked second, while Casey Anthony’s stunning court battle ranked third. The Goderich Tornadio and the Vancouver Riots (via the NHL’s Canucks’ Stanley Cup loss in Game 7) rounded out the top 5, with the Japan Earthquake, the Air Canada Strike, Osama Bin Laden’s death, the royal couple’s visit to Canada, and the Oslo massacre completing the top 10.


The most-searched meme of 2011 was the haunting “face in tumour.” A Canadian doctor examining a patient’s cancer discovered a tumour that looked “ghoulish”—”like a man screaming in pain.” Will and Kate again popped up, appearing as the second-most searched meme. Rounding out the top 5 were the separation of the Gaboura twins, the Oslo mass killings (second appearance), and “Russel Williams excerpt.” Finishing the top 10 were detoxifying foods, the famous “kissing couple” of the Vancouver Riots, a bizarre BC kidnapping, Mitchell Wilson, and Barry Deley.


Amy Winehouse was the most-searched celeb, likely due in large part to her abrupt and unexpected early death. Kate’s sister Pippa ranked second while Ryan Dunn managed a surprising third. Justin Bieber squeezed into the top 5 alongside Snooki, of Jersey Shore notoriety. The infamous Charlie Sheen ranked sixth and Jennifer Aniston, Lindsay Lohan, Drake, and Kim Kardashian completed the top 10.


IMAX documentary Born to be Wild scored first, beating out 13 Assassins, Blitz, and Transformers of the Dark Moon. Completing the top 5 was Everything Must Go, while Hanna, Cedar Rapids, and Source Code ranked sixth through eight. Rounding out the top 10 was Black Death and The High Cost of Living.

“Being in the online space affords us the amazing and targeted insight to create and generate the original and compelling content AOL and the Huffington Post are known for,” says Graham Moysey, general manager, AOL Canada. “2011 was an eventful year and our team is honoured to have been a major part of the dialogue on prominent stories, including the Vancouver riots and the Ontario Election race.”