Canada’s Internet beauty queen banned from Facebook

Carol Zara is Canada’s online beauty queen.  cz

Carol has become popular online by posting sexy photographs of herself as well as provocative cartoons.  Most recently Carol posed nude with a live octopus covering her naughty parts as part of a World Cup friendly bet. 

Now she is becoming popular via her online campaign to get her Facebook account reinstated.

Here’s the story:

Carol apparently decided that she had too many friends on Facebbok so she sought to create a Fan Page instead.  She wanted her personal account to be for people she actually knew.  So she started sending personal invites to all her Facebook “friends”. Sounds perfectly good to me.

That’s what social media is supposed to be about right?  Openness and honesty? Transparency? 

Not according to the fine kids over at Facebook.  Here’s a copy of the email Carol received from Facebook:

It’s curious that Facebook has decided to undertake this action.  It seems to me that Carol wanted to seperate her “fans” from her “family and friends”.  Obviously, Facebook doesn’t see it this way.

How do you see it?