Canada’s Secret to Making the World’s Best Soccer Game? Not Being Canadian

What is the secret to Canada making the world’s best soccer video game? Not being Canadian, apparently.

The team behind FIFA Soccer 13, which once again boasts rave reviews, is based in Canada—the city of Burnaby specifically. They always have been.

Since 1993, the critically acclaimed annual franchise has pulled in a startling $5 billion thanks to more than 100 million copies sold. That makes it EA’s biggest property. In fact, that makes it the best selling sports franchise of all time. Again, it’s based in Canada.

But the team consists of people from all over the world, according to Kantcho Doskov, the game’s producer, who spoke with The Globe and Mail. Indeed, there are no more Canadians or Americans than there are Chinese and Koreans. One might say the Canada team is as multiculturally diverse as, well, Canada.

It’s a bit of a shot to national pride, but it makes sense: Canada’s mens soccer team isn’t exactly a contender for the World Cup.