Canada’s top trends for Facebook in 2010

Facebook statuses vary so tremendously. 500 million people share their thoughts, opinions, quotes, memories, content – anything they want, when they want, where they want, and for the reasons they want to. 

Facebook’s 2010 Memology has tapped into this vast database and revealed trends – both globally and by region. 

Canada saw similar status trends to those recognized globally.  The earthquake in Haiti, World Cup, and (of course…) Justin Bieber were some of the memes that trended globally – but a few that bubbled up to the top for Canada specifically were cancer and the Olympics.

As cancer rather morbidly ranked as the second most popular status trend on Facebook in Canada, brands like TELUS recognized the importance of the cause and created campaigns to drive support on Facebook. The TELUS ‘Go Pink’ campaign exploded to more than 500,000 fans.

The 2010 Olympic Games took place in Vancouver and over 15 million Canadians celebrated by updating their status on Facebook. Companies like Molson jumped on board with the trend through a Facebook campaign, which grew its fan base to over 400,000 fans in just 2 weeks.

Hockey, Canada’s choice sport, was naturally in the top 10, placing fifth. The trashy reality show regrettably beat it, however, at number four on the list. Crappy Facebook game Farmville held strong at number six, probably because it has hapless players spam their walls when they acquire pink cows or have their chickens run wild.

Call of Duty: Black Ops, a much hyped about shooter game, came in eight, following the World Cup. And Urban Dictionary, the perverted brother to Wikipedia, trailed narrowly behind in ninth place, in hugging range of the Canadian popstar Bieber.