Canadian Advertisers Use Video Far More Effectively Than American Counterparts

It seems that Canada is leading the charge in cross-device video advertising.

Video ads, which were up until this year rather rare, have taken off. But not everyone is realizing their potential. In the US, 90% of impressions for video ads were placed on the web—hardly inspiring.

But in Canada, only half of impressions were placed online, according to quarterly findings on the video ad market from solutions provider Videology. An impressive 22% went to mobile devices and another 21% went to “advanced television.”

Not only are Canadian advertisers diversifying across multiple technology platforms, they’re also spending like crazy. EMarketer projected Canadian advertisers to spend nearly 300% on more on video ads this year compared to 2010.

“We are seeing interest in cross-device video advertising growing across all markets, but nowhere is this trend more evident than in Canada,” said Brian Danzis, Videology’s senior vice president of media and platform sales in North America. “Canadians are among the most ardent consumers of video across all devices, and advertisers are following their lead. And we’re seeing some really strong results. The right screen mix built around an advertiser’s specific campaign objectives can send ROI metrics soaring with incremental cost.”

Videology also says that, due to “unique marketplace needs,” most video ads in Canada are targeted beyond the standard age and gender demo targeting. 83% are geo-targeted and 17% are targeted by language.

71% of video ads in Canada are 15 second spots. 15 second spots, not surprisingly, produce 7% higher video completion rates than 30 second units. However, 30 second units generate 42% more clickthroughs.

Meanwhile, video ads on mobile deliver 150% higher clickthrough rates than on the web, Videology says. Advanced TV ads also showed much higher completion rates than the web. These stats suggest that Canadian advertisers have been wise to aggressively expand beyond online video ads.