Canadian App Tokii Wants to Save Your Marriage

Tokii is a beta service that aims to rekindle the lost spark of struggling marriages (or any relationship). It’s an interactive self-help platform that enables couples to stay connected.

The Toronto company has had an iOS app for a while but this week added its app to Google’s Android and also updated the iPhone version. The mobile app now includes “DiscoveryGames,” which features hundreds of solo and team games and quizzes, as well as the MoodMeter, which lets your partner know how you’re feeling—and also how they make you feel—through more than 120 emoticons.

The app syncs with the service’s web platform (assuming you’re already a Tokii member) and is free.

“Couples today only spend an average of 15 minutes a day talking to one another. Now there’s a self-help app that will maximize that time and improve their relationship,” said Tokii co-founder and CEO, Karla Stephens-Tolstoy. “By creating new and empowering ways people can learn about their partner, Tokii has become an invaluable catalyst for getting people talking again.”