World’s First Accelerator for Bitcoin Launches in Canada

Today Toronto’s Bitcoin Decentral launched Bitcoin Decentral Accelerate, the world’s first accelerator dedicated to funding and growing startups in the emerging and disruptive Bitcoin sector.

Bitcoin Decentral is an innovation hub that has built a Bitcoin ecosystem of experts, entrepreneurs, advocates, and volunteers, from its offices in downtown Toronto.

“We are creating a unique accelerator to take advantage of the booming innovation opportunities around the next generation of Bitcoin and other disruptive technologies,” explains Anthony Di Iorio, the accelerator’s founder, CEO, and general partner.

According to a press release, Bitcoin Decentral Accelerate is the first accelerator that is driven by key players and mentors from the bitcoin sector. Di Iorio continues: “we have received resounding support from the community, initial investors and mentors, and are laying a strong foundation to build a world-class center of excellence in this emerging segment.”

A. Traviss Corry, formerly of the Incubes startup accelerator, will take the role of Managing Director and founding partner and guide the startups through a three month custom program.

William Mougayar, a popular startup mentor and experienced entrepreneur will take the role of Special Advisor, and help in developing the accelerator’s networks, and connecting startups with the tech ecosystem community.

“We have assembled the optimum mentor and investor network for the cryptocurrency space,” says A. Traviss Corry, Managing Director of Bitcoin Accelerate. “Working with our mentors, our acceleration program is structured as a three month curriculum of due diligence deliverables that is customized for each startup’s unique needs. This approach is a roadmap that strongly prepares startups for their future success.”

Bitcoin Decentral Accelerate will launch with a group of mentors, as part of a network of over 100 mentors including Ethereum c-founder Vitalik Buterin, investor Brock Pierce, BitPay CEO Tony Gallippi, Blockchain Chief Security Officer Andreas Antonopoulos, and Next Cryptography CEO Charles Hoskinson.

Startups that are accepted into the program receive an initial investment from the accelerator’s fund in exchange for a “small equity stake,” as well as “significant perks.” Upon graduation, startups will receive an additional investment commitment that will seed their follow-on round.

Applications are now open online. The first selected startups will be announced at the Bitcoin Expo from April 11 to 13 in Toronto, providing the first participants with instant global exposure. This initial cohort will be expected to start on April 21.