Canadian Blogging Tool Wins Evernote Devcup Gold

Late last week won the Evernote Devcup 2013 Gold Award, a $20,000 prize and a wicked-cool trophy. was choosen after careful examination of the app by a panel from Evernote, as well as user voting after the team’s presentation (video below) at the Evernote Conference.

Each year Evernote challenges developers to build new ways to extend apps with Evernote. This year there were almost 200 qualifying submissions and Evernote awarded twelve category prizes, then narrowed the field down to six finalists, and with the help an audience vote picked the three best apps in the Devcup.

Techvibes Tom Emrich profiled in May 2013 but for those that didnt read that coverage here’s the short story via Evernote Plaform Advocate Rafe Needleman.

The Canadian team of Shawn Adrian and Gavin Vickery was working on documentation for a product they had built, Quote Robot, when they became frustrated with the existing tools for publishing. So they decided to write their own.

Since they were doing their documentation in Evernote, they thought the best thing they could have was a tool that took that writing and quickly and easily published it, with zero intermediate steps between Evernote and the Web.

If you’re a writer and an Evernote user, you’re going to want to check out this service. Here’s how it works: You write in Evernote. Then, you tag your note with the word, “published.” It will then appear on your blog. That’s it. Change your note in Evernote and the blog post based on it will update immediately, too.

Of course, there’s a lot more to blogging than throwing words up on the Web. supports several gorgeous themes, a discussion system, and integration with several other services like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. More integrations are coming.

Other people have worked on blog-to-Evernote integrations, but’s product is in a different class. Use it and you’ll see what we mean. It’s a great Evernote integration built by a team of people who love their work and love using Evernote.

With initial investment gained from Vancouver’s Full Stack Ventures, a robust roadmap driven by the community and visibility from Evernote, we are sure to continue to hear some big things about this new blogging platform.