Canadian businesses find mobile and social media marketing ‘too difficult to execute’

While Canadian small and medium businesses are acknowleding the importance of social and mobile marketing, executing on this necessity isn’t coming easy to them.

A new study conducted by Angus Reid for Pitney Bowes Canada found that three-quarters of SMBs agree an ideal marketing mix incorporates digital communications—but over half of them called mobile marketing the most difficult channel to excute, including physical channels. Social marketing trailed not far behind with one in three labelling it “too complicated.”

“Effectively managing customer communications is a real challenge for SMBs,” said Bill Mackrell, General Manager, Pitney Bowes Canada. “Organizations are looking for help when it comes to providing them with the tools and resources needed to leverage new marketing tools such as QR codes in order to make new connections, stay in touch with current customers and grow their business.”

Quick Response codes seem to be a crutch for SMBs in Canada, who percieve it as a relatively simple way to integrate a trendy digital component into their physical communications channels. However, as was recently opined, QR codes aren’t well loved by consumers.