Canadian Companies Lead Global Mobile Adoption

Canadian companies have a leading edge over other countries when it comes to the adoption of mobile technology, according to a new study.

However, an increase in senior executive sponsorship is required to enable Canadian companies to become major disruptors among their competitors, the Accenture Mobility Insights Report 2014 found.

Almost all Canadian enterprise respondents (85%) have effectively adopted and deployed mobile technologies, markedly higher than the average global response of 69% among 14 other countries surveyed. Despite this, there is an opportunity for Canadian organizations to leapfrog international competitors, as currently only 31% of Canadian respondents reported that their chief executive is directly involved in mobility strategy—lower than the global average of 35%.

“To stay competitive and become digital disruptors in industries that have gone through years of disruption from new entrants, CEOs need to become more engaged in creating and implementing their digital strategies with their IT teams,” explains Stephen Gardiner, Managing Director of Accenture Digital, Canada. “The entire business strategy must be fully aligned and integrated in order to take advantage of digital technologies, including continuing the strategic shift to mobile that Canadian businesses are doing so well at.”

The impact on businesses in Canada from the convergence of digital technologies is significant, as 26% expect to generate additional revenue; 25% plan to build entirely new digital businesses or services, and 29% expect to penetrate new markets altogether. When asked to consider their investments in digital technologies, 56% of Canadian respondents named mobility in their top two priorities—significantly higher than the global result of 43%.

“Mobile, cloud, social and analytics are rapidly—and permanently—transforming industries,” Gardiner added. “Every business is now a digital business, and leaders who understand this and use it to capitalize on the benefits of digital are most likely to succeed in the long term.”