Canadian company to take on Google Maps?

Mapmobility first came on the scene thirty years ago.  At that time they developed the first Canadian map for the Toronto Real Estate Board that used a style of cartography known for its visual cues and colours. 
Yesterday, Mapmobility announced a new industry first that will resonate with anyone frustrated by often unreliable electronic maps such as those presented by Google and MapQuest.  The company behind the giant MapArt brand of maps, known for being the most up-to-date products in the industry, have crossed over into the digital world.

Currently a selection of maps are available on

Gord Woit is the president of Mapmobility:

Our maps are complicated in their production and detail but simplistic to the reader.  It’s an art to communicate as much detail as possible about where someone is without confusing the user. Colour coding areas and using universal symbols among other things allows the reader to gain information intuitively. People know what a stop sign looks like way before they come close enough to read the word stop. Now imagine this kind of intuitive map on your GPS for reference while you’re driving.

Mapmobility has already won an Award of Excellence from GIS software provider ESRI for its sophisticated mapping ability.