Canadian Digital Media Network Launches Soft-Landing Program

The Canadian Digital Media Network today announced the official launch of its Soft-Landing Program which enables companies to explore and capitalize on global business opportunities. Participants in the pilot phase of the program have already had success over the past eight months and, with today’s launch, CDMN announces support for up to 20 companies to participate in the next program round starting in January 2013.

“The Soft-Landing Program helps digital media companies gain traction in other countries, and it’s already having a major impact,” said Kevin Tuer, CDMN Managing Director. “To date we’ve invested $12,000 in the program, and participating companies have already realized $20 million in new opportunities and sales. That’s a tremendous return on investment.”

Ideal candidates to participate in the Outbound Soft-Landing Program are mature startups and small to medium sized enterprises that are generating revenue already and have goals of growing their customer base; opening a satellite office; or developing distribution channels or secure partnerships. Through this type of landing, Canadian companies looking to expand in foreign markets anywhere in the world can qualify for up to three months of residency in partner facilities equipped to support their growth, plus up to $4,000 for transportation and hotel costs.

While there is no financial support for non-Canadian companies seeking help in landing in Canada through the CDMN’s Inbound Soft-Landing Program or for Canadian companies who want to explore other regions elsewhere in Canada through the Domestic Soft-Landing Program, the CDMN network can still be a valuable resource to those companies as they look to expand.

The CDMN is opening applications on October 15 for companies looking to participate in soft-landings between January 2 and May 31 2013. Applications will close at midnight on November 16, and companies will be notified as to their acceptance no later than December 14.