Canadian Domains are Much Safer Than Dot-Com Domains, Study Finds

Canadian domains—those ending in .ca—are a touch more expensive than the classic .coms, and generally ill-percieved by any company looking to scale globally. But they are not without their advantages.

A recent study conducted by the Strategic Counsel revealed that Canadian domains handily out-duel dot-com domains in some very important ways. 77% of Canadians consider .ca domains “safe,” versus just 23% for dot-coms. For security, the score is similar—75% to only 25%. Trust, another crucial component, was a landslide victory for Canada at 78% to 22%.

When it comes to engaging in activities such as online banking and e-commerce, .ca domains defeated .coms convincingly. 86% would rather perform online banking on a Canadian domain and 85% would rather conduct online shopping on a Canadian domain. 

“Having a .CA domain name is like waving the Canadian flag: it clearly states that you, your business or your organization are Canadian, and research has shown that it makes a difference in how your site is perceived,” said Chris Kruk, product manager of DomainPeople

According to the Canadian Internet Registration Authority, more than 1.8 million .ca domain names have been registered, and .ca has been one of the fastest-growing country-code domain extensions in the world over the past five years. In Canada, .ca’s market share has been steadily rising while the collective registrations of the other domain name extensions have been steadily declining.

Photo: The Globe and Mail