Canadian Entrepreneur at it Again with Trippeo

Vancouver’s Trippeo announced today the official launch of its new Travel and Expense Management (T&E) software platform, which has been designed to dramatically simplify life on the go for the modern-day, tech-savvy workforce.

Trippeo’s T&E platform has been designed to appeal to the modern-day workforce accustomed to conducting business through apps and in the cloud, without compromising any of the robust reporting, analytics and policy enforcement tools that company administrators need to effectively run their business.

Led by CEO Adarsh Pallian, Trippeo’s angel investors include VaynerRSE and Base Ventures. Pallian’s previous startup GeoToko was acquired by Hootsuite in 2011 and Pallian left the nest in 2013.

When asked about the company’s target market, Pallian suggested that the company has a small and midsize enterprise (SMEs) focus. He went on to describe the target users: “Trippeo will appeal mainly to today’s young, tech-savvy workforce, by making it ridiculously easy and fast to manage business expenses on the go.”

When asked about key differentiators, Pallian said “Trippeo is the fastest and easiest expense management app on the market today. I invite anyone frustrated with existing T&E solutions, or those currently using spreadsheets for expense management, to sign up and experience the difference.”

Users will benefit from time-saving features including: automated importing and tracking of credit or debit card transactions, automated expense reporting and reimbursement submissions, and policy-compliant flight and hotel filters.

The platform sets out to be the complete end-to-end solution for administrators to efficiently manage and enforce all of their expense and business travel needs. Trippeo’s real-time analytics tools offer detailed insight into company spending as it happens, ensuring that communication pathways between administrators and employees are clear and transparent.

Individuals and small businesses can sign up for free online and download the free app on iOS.