Canadian Entrepreneurs to Government: Bring Competition to Canada’s Wireless Market

A group of three dozen Canadian entrepreneurs and innovators recently sent a letter to Industry Minister James Moore.

The letter calls for “genuine choice and affordability” in what Vancouver’s OpenMedia describes as a “broken” wireless market.

“As business people who are proud to contribute to a robust economy, we feel that affordable mobile access is necessary to drive our country forward,” says serial entrepreneur Michael Tippett. “We appreciate that Minister Moore has held the line and stood up to the Big Three’s misleading PR campaign. Now it’s time to move forward to deliver choice and affordability for Canadians.”

“There is important innovation and creation occurring within the mobile space. We’re excited by the opportunities presented by this revolution, but find those opportunities to be extremely limited in Canada,” added Elliot Noss, the CEO of Tucows. ” Because Canada’s big three incumbent telecom firms operate as unfriendly gatekeepers we’ve been unable to bring our mobile business to Canada. We strongly feel that the Canadian government and telecom industry needs to open new avenues for businesses to innovate.”

“While Industry Canada’s new rules protecting the takeover of scarce wireless assets to Big Telecom are a step in the right direction, they don’t go far enough,” affirms Steve Anderson, Executive Director of “We still have a tilted playing field in favour of the the Big Three, and we still have providers like Toronto-based Ting blocked from reaching Canadians entirely.”