Canadian Innovation Exchange offers Canadian tech companies the opportunity to work in the Plug and Play Tech Center

The Canadian Innovation Exchange is partnering with the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade of Canada and the Consulate General in San Francisco to provide three early-stage, Canadian IT or digital media companies with the opportunity to work in Silicon Valley’s famous Plug and Play Tech Center.

Who may enter? The Canadian Technology Accelerator is open to tech startups in information and communications technology and digital media that are seeking to raise funds from Silicon Valley venture capital; looking to establish a stronger presence in the Bay Area; and/or considering setting up a local business development office to further their growth in this market.

What will the winners get? Benefits include: introductions to local angel networks and top tier VC firms; potential partnerships with major Valley based tech companies; connections with experienced mentors and advisors; recruitment teams to help startups source for talent; on-site IT support; a complimentary registration to CIX 2011.

CIX 2011 takes place in December of this year in Toronto. 

If this sounds applicable to you, you have nothing to lose by entering: fill out your company profile here before March 11. There’s no fee! Winners are announced on month after the entries end.