Canadian iPhone Apps of the Week

At Techvibes we receive press releases from developers, companies and associations announcing that they have launched a new iPhone App on a daily basis. While some apps are completely commercial in nature, there are some great ones that just don’t get the attention they deserve.

Every Friday Techvibes highlights new iPhone Apps that we’ve heard about. This week we’ve got one two very different apps – one for those of you looking for liquor stores in Ontario and another for power users of 37Signals’ Basecamp.

LCBO by Toronto’s Hippo Foundry – Ever wanted to check out the ACTUAL price of a wine label when you are at a restaurant? Or wished you could figure out if it was available in stores around you and add it to your bookmarks so you can remember to buy it later? The Taylan Pince-built LCBO app can help you out. This is an app for easily finding the closest liquor stores in Ontario and it lets you access Liquor Control Board of Ontario’s store and inventory databases through an intuitive interface.

Headquarters by Ottawa’s Select Start Studios – Headquarters is Basecamp on your iPhone, redesigned for productivity. It’s the only app that distills Basecamp into a personalized dashboard of everything overdue, due today, and due this week. The dashboard organizes only important items from all of your accounts and projects. No more drilling down into projects to find out what you have to do.

If you have an iPhone App built in Canada or built for Canadians, fire us a note and we’ll be sure to profile it in an upcoming Canadian iPhone Apps of the Week post.