Canadian iPhone Apps of the Week – Zoompass versus PayPal

At Techvibes we receive press releases from developers, companies and associations announcing that they have launched a new iPhone App on a daily basis. While some apps are completely commercial in nature, there are some great ones that just don’t get the attention they deserve.

Each week Techvibes will highlight new iPhone Apps that we’ve heard about. This week we’ve got two mobile payment apps that perform essentially the same function. So much so that they have produced almost identical video demos.

The first is from EnStream’s Zoompass which is linked to your bank account or credit card and allows users to send, receive and request money between friends, family and co-workers.



The second is from PayPal, who doesn’t need an introduction:



Apparently both products were developed to help friends split the cost of a pizza. But who did a better job with the video demo.

If you have an iPhone App built in Canada or built for Canadians, fire us a note and we’ll be sure to profile it in an upcoming Canadian iPhone Apps of the Week post.