Canadian law firm launches website to help tech startups understand legal rights and issues

FMC has launched one of a series of microsites targeted to assist its clients.

This first site is called TechStartUpCenter, and as one may draw from the rather uninspired name, its content is about helping tech startups.

Prepared by FMC’s legal experts in tech and intellectual property, and built on the slogan “The Ultimate Guide from Startup to IPO,” the site covers “legal and business issues impacting technology entrepreneurs, executives and investors.”

Currently, top articles include “Vesting and buyback rights” and “Understanding intellectual property rights,” topics that are crucial for company leaders to comprehend but are often not covered in sufficient detail outside of the legal realm.

There is a surprisingly large amount of content available on the site, covering an impressive range of concepts, and it’s all available for free – so there’s no reason that you’re budding tech company shouldn’t investigate what TechStartUpCentre has to offer.